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Affidavit of Loss Drivers License

(Affidavit of Loss Drivers License)
Republic of the Philippines)
Province of ____________________) S.S.
City/Municipality of _____________)
x - - - - - - - - - x AFFIDAVIT OF LOSS I, _____________, Filipino, of legal age, (single / married / widow), and with residence at _____________, Philippines, after being duly sworn to in accordance with law, hereby depose and state: That I am a duly-licensed driver in accordance with pertinent Land Transportation laws, rules and regulations, and was issued a corresponding Driver's License with number _____________ which is valid until _____________; That sometime last week, said Driver's License was misplaced and got lost. That despite diligent search and efforts to locate my Driver's License, I could not find the same such that I now believe that it is now lost beyond recovery; That said Driver's License has not been confiscated by the LTO, Police or other Traffic Enforcers for any traffic violation. As such, I am executing this …