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Gall Stones

Thank you so much for all those who offered their prayers for me... 

Miraculously, even if my ultrasound shows that I've got dilated gall bladder and multiple stones that required immediate surgery, the doctor who was supposed to perform ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography) on me told me that my body must be reading another biology book, since i should be color yellow already and i should not be able to walk already with the extreme pain... but I know that a lot of people are praying for me, and this miracle is one of God's ways of showing me that He is in control...

To Kuya Rene for all the words of encouragement...
To my beloved Dgroups
Love Joy Peace Missions... Kuya John, Connie, Miles, Kuya Eli, Ate Ronna, Sam, Doc Raymond for taking the time to visit me and cheer me up

To my first and foremost Dgroup: Kuya Glenn, Kuya Joel, Kuya Will, Kuya Dolph whose prayers and presence had always been there for me...

To ate Tintin's angels..especially Ate Wenna and ate Janeth. for the Dgroup's Network Prayer and for praying that I would not need any operation...

To Mom and Dad's Dgroup for all the prayers To Dr. Mayeth Sapaula for helping us out and seeing us personally in St. Luke's

♥ To my family:

Daddy and Yna for going through all the troubles and sleepless nights just to make sure I'm okay.

To Sebastian Family
To Lolo and Lola Bulacan for travelling all the way from Bulacan just to visit me
Tita Dorie and Ninang Mel who constantly check me here at home...
To Jing who relays my mom's message to us
To Anya: for picking me up from the Hospital

To Francis Fernandez for making me a tourist spot...LOL and for helping our family make it through the storm... and for your family most specially Tita Rosa for the advise...

To my Family Abroad: Tita Leila, To Lolo Manolo, Mommy and Sis... who constantly call, text, skype, email, fb us

To My Boss and My favorite Brother in Law- for being so sweet, understanding and loving His Mom Peggy, and his adorable sons Sam and Ben who prayed for me...

To all people whose hearts God have touched to show me compassion...

Thank you so much...

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