For the Greatest Lover of My Soul

YOU are the greatest lover of my soul.
There is none like you...

I have loved you with an everlasting love. - Jeremiah 31:3
You have never failed to make me smile...
and You never run out of ways to surprise me...
It is either with a sunset, a song or a love letter that you affirm me.

No one else comes close to you... 
You have given me pure joy that I could not fathom.
My unworthiness and unfaithfulness to you did not stop you from loving me and pursuing me.
You always want the best for me and you never give me up despite me giving up on myself...

Why do you love me so much? 
I could not find any reason except that you love me unconditionally and selflessly...

The thought of your great love brings me to tears... 
I don't deserve it but your grace has chosen me to receive it...

This morning is one of those sweet days when you have called me a sweet endearment.
This name which expresses the tenderness of your  love for me.

"my delight is in her."

The love that you have for me, gives you delight? 
You always make me blush like no one else could do...

You have a tender and wonderful love for me.
You called me
"Hephzibah, your delight is in me."

You have said that you would take away my rightful name which is "Forsaken,"
and would call me by a new name, a name which you would choose.
You chose "Hephzibah" (Isaiah 62:4)
I will no more be called Forsaken;
neither shall my land any more be termed Desolate:
but I shall be called Hephzibah.

Out of your abundant love, you delight in me.

You are my hero!
"you took pleasure in me and beautify me with the gift of your salvation.."
Psalm 149:4

You're the greatest lover!
I am precious in your sight... and you have loved me...
Isaiah 43:4

You're the most generous suitor I've ever had!
You have always wanted to bless me.

Youre the sweetest ever!
You always make sure that I know that i am your delight... And that I  enjoy your love and grace and faithfulness.

You are always open to me.
You blessed me with the experience  of loving other people to the point that it causes a delight in my heart, an inexplicable joy?

The truth that you take pleasure in me - that you not only love me,  but  delight in me... 
and is speeding the days when I shall be with you in fullness of joy, in the fullness of Your joy. 
That is the blessing!

You blessed me everyday.
You have blessed me more than I  realize.
You are blessing me more than I  even know.

I love you coz you alone deserve it
You loved me even if I don't deserve it

I am fully persuaded from your Word that I  will find joy and blessing in my life.

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