The Lucky One

I just got done with my Zumba Class with Robert Caguimbal, when Czar invited me to watch a movie with her. It was a spur of the moment, but it was blessed indeed. We watched "The Lucky One" in Promenade.

The Lucky One Movie stars Zac Efron who plays as Logan,  a U.S. Marine Sergeant who returns from his third tour of duty in Iraq, with a mission of meeting Beth, a woman from a photograph that he haven't met yet and doesn't even know. He ends up taking a job at her family-run local kennel where their love story started out.

I love this Quote from The Lucky One:
“Everyone has their own destiny, not everyone makes a choice to follow it, I’m lucky I did.” -Logan (The Lucky One)
Trisha Sebastian
Merienda Break in Cafe France after watching the movie.
Trisha Sebastian
Catching up with Czar and meeting her friends.
Trisha Sebastian
A spur of the Moment Movie Date with Czar

Lesson from The Lucky One Movie: Logan told Ben, Beth's son, that Marines will have to watch each other's back if they want to survive. 
 “Like Marines look out for each other in combat, we have to protect our fellow man too"

Trisha Sebastian
Date with Czar
Cafe France Natural Orange Juice
I love this Pure Natural Orange Juice from Cafe France.
Trisha Sebastian
Capping off our Date with a Dinner in Almon Marina.

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