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To all My Friends

If you don't find me spending much time with you as we did before...
That means you're doing fine compared to someone else...

I would most probably pass up spending some of your good times with you
than miss out sitting beside you on your bad times...

Because at the end, it's not how many photos of you and me were tagged together,
birthdays and gifts we gave each other,
trips and tours we've traveled together that matters...

But the number of troubles that we both overcame and how tough our friendship is after that.

It's not how much bible verses and quotable quotes you've shared to me that matters...
but the compassion, acceptance and love you'd shown me when I was struggling...

It's not how much memories we have shared but how good you made me feel each time we share those memories...

To be continued... Speaking from my heart #emomomentswithsha

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