You are Chosen

I remember a few years ago, being a new Christian, a friend of mine asked me, how come the bible say that God chooses those who will trust Him and those who would not be in Him?

Does it mean that there are people who are just destined and doomed to go to hell?

It was a surprise for me to hear his question since I have not really read the entire bible yet. But, good thing that he asked because it gave me more reason to want to finish reading the entire book.

A lot of things have already happened since that day. I have not yet finished reading the entire bible, but have tried to read it once in a while, whenever I have a spare time or whenever I feel like it.

However, God had orchestrated different events in my life, carefully placing and allowing people and circumstances in it. He loves me that much that He refuses to settle for mediocrity for me.

When I first received God in my life, and decided to live for Him, I thought I was the one doing all the chasing, but looking back at my life, It is amazing to just realize and see how God has been with me all along, and has never left me ever since.

"I have loved you with everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving kindness." Jeremiah 31:3

Jesus declared He is the bread of Life and whoever comes to Him will never be empty or starving. All that the Father gives him will come to Him, and whoever comes to Him, He will never drive away. No one can come to Him unless the Father who sent Him draws him and He will raise that person up on the last day.

Jesus already knows right from the get go, who is going to betray Him or believe Him.

My conversion experience may be my decision based on my own free will. However, my commitment to follow Jesus is less likely to be the work on my part but a stunning victory on His part. He fashioned everything about me in His own mind, placing me in certain time and place.

My conversion experience may be a decision based on our own free will, but looking at this verses, our commitment to follow Jesus seems to be a lot less pronounced working on our part but a stunning victory on His part! He fashioned everything about you in His own mind. He placed you in a certain time and place.

Whether you believe this or not, God loves you. He wants you to sense the love that paid every debt of your sins. He wants you to experience the freedom, joy, peace and tranquillity that you have never thought possible.And thinking about this, simply makes rejecting Him, too foolish.

Take a close hard look at your life and be honest with yourself. How did you get into the state that you are in right now?

Honestly, I still do not have any answer for my friend's question. Nevertheless, I am glad to think that I love the role that God gave me in His remarkable story. I am very much grateful that He gave me His grace to share His glory to other people.

Looking back at your life, could you say that if God really is author of your life, that you would be grateful for the role that you are playing right now?

You are chosen!

"How could the initiative lie on my side? If Shakespeare and Hamlet could ever meet, it must be Shakespeare's doing" - C. S. Lewis.

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