A woman who has God for her prized possession has Everything.

After a long time, of being apart from my sister/best friend, my family and I were blessed to have a reunion with her. This got me so excited to have bonding time with her that I made sure that we make the most of her stay here and spend quality time together.

However, this had made my body-clock abnormal. There are times that I hang out with my sister even at late hours, just so we could spend together with each other as much time as possible.

These were all alright at first, but slowly, my quiet time with God is decreasing and I felt that I had been extremely happy again with the world that my absolute joy seems to be draining out while my saturation to the word of God seems to become less as I spend more time with my sister.

This was Ok at first. But eventually I got both scared and depressed with the idea that I was almost going to the same ways as before, that I was ready to do something unedifying to Him just to help other people.

This caused me a severe depression and that's how I realized what Jesus actually meant when he said, "if anyone comes to Him and yet does not hate her father, her mother, her husband and children, her brothers and sisters, even her own life, she cannot be His disciple" - Luke 14:26.

A woman who has God for her prized possession has Everything.

Many public assets will be denied to her,but should she have the opportunity to enjoy them, she will be calm about it, that it would never be required for her happiness.

Should she lose it, she will hardly feel inadequate, since having God who created all things that exist, and is the author of All Power (Omnipotent) in her life - she has everything. And everything else that she might miss is rubbish.

"For everything comes from Him, exists by his power and is intended for his glory..." - Romans 11:36.

A savor of our Savior's graciousness has captivated me and made me yearn for more.

I am well aware of my need of constant grace, and I regret not longing enough.

God, I want you, and I long to be filled with longing.

Show me your glory, that so I may know you truly.

Start in benevolence a new work of love within me.

Please give my soul rise, and give me grace to rise and see you.

In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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