Godly Impact

At all times, we get a chance to have a godly impact on someone. Our reactions in different situations can appoint someone's personal interpretation of the one whom we serve.

As Christians, we should be committed to lifting our friends up, to overlook faults, to go out of our way to meet other people's need, to remember kindness, and to communicate encouragement. No one is irrelevant to God or the people who love Him at all times, we get a chance to have a godly impact on someone.

Jesus does not want us to try hard, He wants us to learn to trust Him.

If we are going to love as Jesus loved, we need the power that only Jesus can give.

If you don't act quickly, your emotions will intensify in you, until they become violent inside you. Emotions are meant to be instructive, not destructive.

Do people around you see something significant in your life that makes them eager to know who you are serving?

Please pray for me that everyone will see and glorify God when they see my actions and reactions to different circumstances. May God help me to relate to other people His love and compassion.

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