Choose to make changes and not excuses.

Choose to make Changes not Excuses

Live by choice and not by chance.

Choose to make changes and not excuses.

Be motivated, not manipulated.

Work to transcend, not compete.

Do not listen to the jumbled opinions of everyone else.

No one else could supersede our ability to make our own choice.

This is the way to encourage people!
This is how you can turn into the best version of YOU!

Be true and faithful to yourself.

Find the courage to continue being your beautiful self.
Embrace that extraordinary person inside of you that has ideas, strengths, and beauty like no one else.

Be the person you see yourself.
Be the best version of you – on your terms.

Be true to yourself.

If you cannot love something, take yourself out of it.

Live as a compassionate and nonjudgmental human being.
Before we could learn to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, we have to be confident in our own shoes first.

Stick with what you love.

Take part in something you believe in.

Find passion in your work.

Engage yourself in something you strongly believe in.
This will bring joy and add meaning into your life.
It is extremely difficult not to be inspired by someone who is passionate about something.

Express your love.

Passion is something you are willing to illustrate if you want to encourage others.
A simple expression of your passion could serve as an inspiration.
Simply expressing what you are passionate about could inspire others to do the same.
Enthusiasm is contagious.
It stirs interest in others.
It makes people wonder why you love what you love so much.
It creates something that moves people to take the time to see what moves you.

Excel at what you do.

People see your actions more than they hear what you say.
Be someone worth emulating.
Most people are inspired by GREAT people.
The thing that all influential people have in common is EXCELLENCE in what they do.
If you are going to do something, do it right.
Excel at your work, as well as in your hobbies.
Develop a reputation for consistent excellence, for yourself.

Focus on your character.

Be more concerned building your character than building your reputation.
Character is what you truly are.
Reputation is just what others temporarily think you are.
A genuinely irreproachable being always shines and inspires in the long run.

Care about people.

People do not care how much a person knows until they know how much that person cares.
Challenge people to do their best.
Encourage people to be what they know they could be.
If people know that you expect excellent things from them, they will often try to go to considerable lengths to live up to your expectations.

Lead by example.

Practice what you teach or do not speak at all.
Walk your talk!
Be the change that you want to see in the world.
If you genuinely desire to inspire others to do something, then this something should be a significant portion of your life.
You do not have to be an expert in something, you just have to be passionately involved.

Articulate what everyone else is thinking.

We are closely connected to each other in various ways, the most salient of which is our thoughts.
Make people feel happy about their selves.
People would rarely remember what you did, but would always remember how you make them feel.

Start appreciating other people.

Take time to recognize and appreciate the people who have gone out of their way to transcend.
You make people what they should be by treating people as if they are already what they possibly could be.

Help people heal.

Instead of judging people by their past, walk with them and help fix their future.
In life, you reap what you sow.
Make a positive impact in someone else’s life to get a positive impact in your own life.
Do something that is greater than you.

Help someone else to be happy or to suffer less.

Everyone values the gift of unexpected help.
Share lessons from your successes and failures.

Be a resource whenever you can.

If you know something, don’t hoard it, share it.
You have so much that you could share than you realize.
Dig the rich experiences of your heart and share your wisdom from your own point of view.
Be open.
Share your failures, as well as your successes.
Let people relate to you.
Help them realize that they are not the only ones with challenges.

Keep your calmness in difficult situations.

What you do in a stressful situation tells a lot about your limits.
People take note of how far the load or social distress around you goes until you lose control of yourself and the environment.
Keeping your composure in stressful situations lets people know you have a sense of steel – a personality trait most people are drawn to.
Focus on the positive.
Be happy with what you are.
Allow your confidence to fuel your journey into tomorrow.
Everything that happens in your life could be beneficial or detrimental depending on your perspective.
Things will always end up the way it will, no matter how you see it, choose to succeed or learn something.
Be optimistic.
Appreciate the lovely outcomes, and learn from the rest.
It will help persuade everyone around you.

Keep your promise and tell the truth.

Inspire people by being faithful and committed to the truth.
When you say you are going to do something, DO IT!
When you say you are going to be somewhere, BE THERE!
If you say you think something, MEAN IT!
If you cannot, would not, and do not, DO NOT LIE.
It is always best to tell the truth.

Listen attentively to what others say.

Make people feel significant.
Encourage them by treating them higher.
Find time to listen to others.
People will respect you for that.

Communicate clearly.

Share your joy and ideas with everyone around you.
Maintain eye contact when communicating. It is one of the most desirable forms of personal communication. Eye contact injects closeness into human interaction, which captivates attention.

Be a trustworthy person.

Nothing is more influential than love and commitment between two people.
Your reliability in a long-term intimate relationship creates a solid foundation for everything else that you do.

Everything you need to encourage everyone around you is contained within you.
Start inspiring people with what you are and how you live your life.

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