Ezra's Prayer

Ezra's Prayer

After learning about the sins of the people, Ezra fell to his knees in prayer. His heartfelt prayer provides an excellent perspective on sin. (Ezra 9:5-15) 

He recognized

1. That sin is serious,
2. That no one sins without affecting others,
3. That he was not blameless even if he didn't have a pagan partner,
4. That God's love had spared the land even when there was nothing that they did to be worthy of it.

In a world that sees sin as inconsequential, it is easy for us to view sin lightly, but we should consider sin as Ezra did. As what my discipler told me: do not minimize sin by calling it as weakness. Sin is sin.

Ezra's prayer confessed the sins of his people. Although he had not sinned the way his family had, he identified with consequences and desire that people would come to their senses and repent. Even when we sin in the worst possible way, we can go to God with prayers of repentance. 

Following Ezra's prayer, the people confessed their sin to God and asked for guidance in restoring their relationship with God.

True repentance is not mere lip service where it ends with words of confession. It must lead to proper behavior and a changed attitude. If we have sinned but are truly sorry, here are the steps that we should do.

1. Confess it to God,
2. Ask for His forgiveness and,
3. Receive His grace and mercy.
4. and as an act of Thankfulness for our forgiveness, we should make the needed corrections.

Praise God for His faithfulness and love for me. 
I couldn't imagine any better life with a different god.
Kindly pray for complete healing for me for my cervical vertigo. 
I was asked to take a cranial CT scan. 
But praise God that I'm still praying about it since it is kinda costly and because I know that it could give me radiation and it has detrimental effects.
I pray that I wouldn't need it anymore since God has never let me down yet. 
But whatever His will is, I know that it is for my best. 
Please pray for me that God will give me wisdom, discernment, knowledge, skill and strength, to do and not do what He wants me to do. 
Please pray that I may be able to glorify Him, in everything and all things. 
May my will be always aligned to His that I will hate what He detests and that I will love Him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength.

How can I pray for you?

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