God is in Control

Julius Sebastian painting of Trisha Sebastian
Julius Sebastian Water Color Painting 
I'll just Worship you by Tony Sutherland

When the night is falling on me
And the dread is pounding on my heart
When sorrow chases me
So deep into the dark
When the fear is growing in me
And the pain is more than I can bear
When the silence echoes out
And I can’t see You there
You’re still God and You’re still Good

I’ll just worship You
I’ll just worship You
I’ll just worship You
That’s what these tears were made for
I’ll just worship You
I’ll trust everything You do
I’ll just lift my hands and worship

When the clouds are swirling round me
And they try to cover up the light
When the rain comes pouring down
And there’s no hope in sight
When the storms of life are raging
And my faith is tossing in the wind
Then I come running
to Your loving arms again
You are God and You are Good

You are faithful always

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