Good Enough is not Best Enough

Good is often the enemy of best.

When you settle for the good enough, you will lose the opportunity to receive the best.

Wisdom is not just the ability to know the right choices, but also to determine the best ones.
Our choices, acceptable or not, will undoubtedly use our time, energy, and attention. Therefore, it is only necessary that we remain faithful stewards of these blessings by focusing it on the best and eliminating the rest.

At times, we get tempted to settle with what's decent enough. Unmet expectations then lead us to disappointment. What we do is we deny these desires and push it aside. You see we could not do that, it is impossible, because we are created to have these desires. God has a purpose for these desires. And until we satisfy these desires, we will never be at rest. We could pretend to have these desires gone by diverting it to other outlets. But until we fully understand its true purpose, we would never be fully content and will always be disappointed. It is not how it is deemed to be. 

You see, these desires are from God. He wants to bless us. God wants to give us the best. But until, He sees that we could handle it and not the other way around, He would withhold it.
And that is because He loves us. He is holy. He only wants to bless us. And if we could not control our blessings, then these blessings will curse us instead of blessing us.

God can see everything. He knows that these blessings could harm us if He gives it to us too early. And so, no matter how much He is so excited to bless us, He patiently waits for us to learn. He persistently trains and discipline us.

God is the fulfillment of your desire. 

Until we realize that, we would always be dependent on things, events or people to fill our desires, which is not supposed to be. You see, God wants us to long for him and desire for Him. And that is what he made our longings for. Until we realize that it is only God who could fully satisfy us, we would always feel abandoned or lacking. And that is because nothing else and no one else can satisfy this longing other than God.

God's best is God himself. 

Until we realize that, we would always end up getting hurt and hurting others. And God would never want to hurt you. So, no matter how much God would want to give your heart's desires, He would always choose what is best for you. And that is for you to understand, develop, grow, evolve and change until you are fully satisfied with Him.  Where everything else would seem to you as the second best, that you could easily let go.

When we meet our God's best, we will understand why it did not work with the rest. And you would be extremely grateful to God for being holy that he took the things that we feel so cherished, so that we could obtain the things that are truly precious.

Our God's best is not a character-developing tool that would mold us into the person that we are supposed to be. We could be assured of this because we would never meet our God's best until we are molded already into the best fit for our God's best.

Our God's best is not a charity event; that will require us to love the unlovable. God never intended to make our life miserable but joyful. God is the author of beauty and not haggardness.

Anything less than God’s best is evil. 

The enemy will not trick us into buying an ugly wrapped gift. The enemy will deceive you with the close enough gifts. And settling down with something that is not God's plan for you, will cause you to stumble and sin because of unnecessary compromise.
The best is all you need because the rest is nothing.
Because of his glory and excellence, He gave us gratifying and valuable confidence. These are the promises that allow us to partake in his divine nature and break free from the world's misery caused by human desires - 2 Peter 1:4.

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