Illuminating Blogger Award

Illuminating Blogger Award
Illuminating Blogger Award

I was nominated for the “Illuminating Bloggers Award” by Paulette, at A Place of Worship: "Tugging at the Heartstrings of God".

I remember the first time I visited Paulette's blog, I already felt that she is a blogger after God's own heart. And though we have not seen each other yet, I already felt already at home in her blog as I could feel her love for God her desire to glorify God first and foremost. This first visit has led me to dwell in her blog for a long time.

I could personally say that Paulette's blog is itself illuminating, that I am overwhelmed with joy that she nominated me for the Illuminating Blogger Award. It takes one to know one, and I am flattered to be nominated by someone who has authority to know what illuminating is.

Paulette's Blog is the place to go to for uplifting reflections, prayers and even just for a godly conversation. She has unknowingly passed on God's love with her blog to her readers. She is certainly an inspiration.

Thank you so much Paulette for nominating me for this award. To God be all the Glory. Truly it is Him who causes all lovely things for those who love Him. I believe it is our love for Him who have caused our paths to cross. And there are no accidents in the lives of His children. Truly, it is only Him who have caused my blog to be nominated.

As I understand, the guidelines for accepting this award are:
  1. Share seven things about yourself.
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  3. Place the award on your blog.
  4. Pass the award on to at least 5 bloggers.
Seven Things About Me:
  1. I am in the stage of discovering how God has been pursuing me all along in my life. And thought that He has been present with me all my life causes me an immense joy. His love for me is simply overwhelming.
  2. I love learning, and it is with immense wonder that I discovered how rich with wisdom the Bible is.
  3. I love fellowships and for me, there is nothing more enjoyable than doing things with God and for God.
  4. I am captured by Grace like an Avalanche, and it spurs me to share this love of God to those who have not yet precisely known Him. 
  5. I am SAVED by Grace.  I am DEEPLY LOVED. 
  6. It is with Intimacy with God through regular prayer and quiet time that I feel safe and secure. Without Him, I am nothing. HE is all I NEED.
  7. I still feel tempted, but God never allows me to be far away from Him. I am profoundly DISCIPLINED, PRUNED and this causes me immense pleasure. I am indubitably BLESSED!
It is with pure joy that I would pass on this award to the following spiritually-enlightened bloggers who I think share the same passion and love for God, as evidenced in their blogs.

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