Lying will Destroy your Integrity

A single lie destroys a whole reputation of integrity. - Baltasar Gracian

Lying will destroy your Integrity.

Has someone lied to you?

Lying pervades everything. 

Once  they start to lie, liars will deceive others to get their way.

Lying is no different from stealing. 
More often than not, lying is used to get something that liars do not have. However, lying had been so common in practice that it had been an accepted way or strategy to get ahead.

We tend to forget that happiness doesn`t come as a result of getting something we don`t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” – Frederick Keonig

It is hard to imagine that some of your friends would make misleading stories just to get something, yet they do it all the time. Sadly, this happens more than you realize.

Think about the damage that people make when they lie to recognize the tragic consequences of these lies. I can not overemphasize the consequence of lying. Deliberately telling a false statement is a lie, no matter how bizarre liars would want to think about it.

Lying may be considered a criminal activity when done in a business setting, even if it is considered to be very separate from “real” problems. Clearly, every lie is a crime. 

You shall not bear false witness.

The Eight Commandment, you should not bear false witness against your neighbor, is especially useful for the welfare of society. There is a reason this precept is crucial because of the evil that lying causes. 

It prohibits false statement that is known to be untrue.
It forbids pronouncing one guilty without having heard his defense.
It prohibits the damage to a person’s identity by engaging a malicious lie.

God detests lying lips. (Proverbs 12:22)

It forbids imputing faults to others unduly, exaggerating real faults and defects, or denying their admirable qualities or actions.
It makes known the secret faults of another without just cause. 
It is commonly done by imparting malicious gossip. 
You should not be a critic nor a whisperer among the people.

Liars are rarely concerned with the well-being of others. 

If you let yourself lie once, you would find it much easier to lie the second time, and the third time, until it becomes a habit.

Lying is wrong regardless of its reason.

Lying is the same as cheating on taxes but only worse. 
Apparently, liars and cheaters are both untrustworthy. 
Their behavior is immoral. 

Whether it is lying about a colleague or deceiving a partner, it is still a lie. Once they start lying, they are likely to do it again if given the opportunity. You can find unethical behavior in all environments.

Lying and backstabbing are so dispersive that those who make it do not think twice about it. Instead, they blame others to justify their desires and weaknesses. 

Once you find someone to be dishonest, keep in mind that this person will lie again whenever it profits them.

Lying is the same with cheating athletes.
Athletes who cheat to win have convinced themselves that it is okay to win at all costs.

Lies progress in social precariousness, when people no longer hold the commandments that affect our behavior towards one another.

Lying is unparalleled in athletics and the workplace. 
Since cheating and lying in business practices are commonplace; lying is often mistaken to be something right to do. However, obviously, it is never appropriate to deceive anyone.

Taking credit for the work of others in order to gain influence is not leadership.
It is unethical behavior and, it is con. 

Businesses where business is believed to be the most important expects lying as a  behavior.Honesty is the best policy seems to be an infamous system and everything seems to have a price. Lying has become necessary for many people. 

Liars, regardless of the moral aspects of lying, believe that lying benefits themselves, even  at the expense of the deceived. With this thinking, they begin to lie to their selves by telling themselves that what they are doing is okay. However, lying is not okay.

Lying is perverse, deceptive, and unethical, carried out to get one’s way. It is only fair that liars get caught. 

Lying make matters worse. It destroys personal relationships. It hurts your relationships with friends and family. Lying causes you to have a load to bring with you. It makes you feel sick inside. You burn your connection with someone by lying.

Liars often internalize their lies to the extent that they begin to imagine the lie is right. This self-deception feeds at the liar's integrity while aiding to maintain a sense of inner peace. The downside is that prevaricators know what they've done and will live with it for the rest of their lives.

Considering the various forms of workplace corruption that occur, discourtesy is at the lowest end of the workplace abuse steps, because rudeness and disrespect tend to fall short of forbidden behaviors such as racism and harassment. Liars want to believe that they are happy but often deep inside the opposition grows and spreads like gangrene.

Many people would agree that a friendly work environment with ethical employees is beneficial to everyone as well as the business itself compared to a dishonest environment. 

Companies with credible employers, employees, and products are more productive than sales driven by lying and cheating. An excellent reputation for honesty helps to turn potential customers into actual customers.

Individuals and businesses that cheat others demonstrate unjustified and immoral behaviors, where in a matter of time, employees would sue for rudeness and recover damages.

Lying is not a deviance or an infrequent practice. The culture of lying permeates life from business organizations engaged in corrupt practices to friends making up stories.

Lying is a culture of contempt and avarice. Lying has a pervasive effect on all facet of life, including the services of business organizations.

Strangely enough, this issue has received extraordinarily little attention and investigation. Moreover, yet, although telling the truth is essential, it is often brushed aside for an easier path.

Lying is clearly a form of intentional assault on another person. Lying has the potential to cause immeasurable damage in the deceived person. Such fraud can be coercive. It is just very difficult to think or to conclude that lying is acceptable.

It is not true that a liar lies without any privilege. Lying like criticizing, demeaning, or hectoring a person, is commonly done to give the client a sense of importance. By a lie, a man throws his honor aside and extinguishes his integrity as a man.

The usual motives of liars are insecurity, jealousy, and greed. Liars have no credibility and are not citizens of integrity and righteousness. To use speech for the purpose of deception is a crime. 

A liar diminishes himself by lying. Stated somewhat differently, a person without integrity is weak. However, bear in mind that they are still dangerous.

Liars are critical. 

If someone has knifed you in the past or double-crossed you, you are most likely confused how someone you considered as a friend would do such a thing. You are probably puzzled not so much of what that friend did, but how he/she did it.

It is simply a silly matter how liars will distort facts to achieve something they want, but haven’t earned. Their behavior is immoral and, they do not convey professionalism or a code of conduct, even though they may act as though they do. Liars have trouble with embracing organizations with a professional intent.

Legal experts recognize the need for ethics and commitment to standards and professionalism. These people do not lie, steal or deceive others for personal profit. 

If you find yourself in the presence of someone who has lied about you, do not adhere to the circumstances. Forgive and move forward. Clinging to the past would only keep you from your future. People naturally need friends and they want people that they can trust.

Whatever a man sends out in word or deed, will return to him. 
Whatever he gives, he will receive. 


Betrayal in any type of relationships always hurts someone leaving a pain that does not heal quickly. TO turn things around, FORGIVE.  You may forget that person without forgetting their injurious act.

Even liars do not wish to be lied to. Even liars demand honesty from others. Honesty is part of one’s moral character. Honesty indicates integrity and honesty, which are contrary to lying and cheating.

A man throws away and destroys his dignity by a lie.


Journaling or just writing about what happened draws you to find peace of mind. Express your emotions. LIFE is worth LIVING.
Have faith and never lose hope.


Think about the harm that you have done. 
Imagine the consequences of your behavior. 
It is pathetically tiresome if not self-destructive. 
Cutting corners is never acceptable or appropriate. 
Why did you lie? What were you thinking?

Eventually, what you did and how you did it becomes apparent to you and to everyone else who lived with the chagrin of your lies, but this does not fix things up.

Liars probably told you that it is your problem and that they do not have a problem. 
These are usually the people who need compassion to deal with the stress and the reckless purpose of lying. Their spiritual side does not require processing events but facts and feelings.

To come to terms with the wickedness of lying is not easy. The crime would become clear in time, but forgiving is often impossible. Use a little empathy and provide a path for the fabricator to save face.

Have you lied about someone? Did you own up to it? 

It is never easy to own up to a lie. 
If you could only imagine the suffering and consequences of your lies, it would probably make you think twice before lying. Your victim would probably forgive you for every filthy fact that you've said and did, despite the massive amount of hurt you have inflicted on them.

Death is a cure for the diseases of the flesh.
However, it cannot cure or preserve life. 
While there are many aspects to it, the families who are hurting are not dead. 
They experience the liars’ greed and cruelty, damaging their feelings, finances, and emotions impacting them harmfully.

Liars are indifferent to the treachery of their statements and its consequence on others. Liars hurt people. All that we can do is to forgive even though it is difficult if not hard to do. Forgive and forget. Even if forgetting is not always easy to do.

Do not lie to one another - Colossians 3:5.

Lying destroys your integrity. 

Absolve the liars for destroying their dignity. 
Leave it behind you, even if it is difficult.
Move Forward and Get on with your life.
DO not waste your time for liars. They are not worth the waste. 

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