Secrets of the Vine

Have you seen a branch force itself to bear fruit?

I have not.

In the same way, we would not be able to bear fruit on our own.

With God as our vine-master, and Jesus as the vine, John 15:5,clearly says that we can do nothing without Christ, but ABIDING in Him will lead us to bear MUCH FRUIT.

Who you are, your relationship with God is much more valuable than what you can do for God.

Abide means to CONTINUE, LIVE, REMAIN to be together.

Abundant living is what we were meant for. All of us wants to live a fruitful life of significance.

Realize that God is at work in your life at all times to bring you to more fruitfulness and abundant life!

A GOOD fruit is done with a God-honoring motive!

All our finest works will pass through the fire.

Good works are like FILTHY RAGS if without Christ.(Isaiah 64:6)

FRUIT is any action of the believer that PLEASES God.(Col 1:10)

It is the result of EFFORT and LABOR.( Phil 1:22)

To LIVE is CHRIST and to DIE is GAIN.

Good works PREPARED by GOD is where we are to FOCUS our LIVES.

What does your use of your time, talents and treasure reveal about the focus of your life?

To what extent is it focused on the goals and purpose you have established in your life rather than on the marvellous works God has prepared you to do?

What do you believe are the noble works that God has personally called you to do? Is it something that excites you to start each new day?

It is not WHERE we STAND, but to What DIRECTION we are GOING.

If you were to disappear on earth today, who would miss your godly guidance and charitable works?

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