To My Underdog Lover friend

To My Underdog Lover friend

God cares.  
I have full confidence God's words that He will be the defender and protector of His children.

God is always in control.

I lift up to Our Heavenly Father the people who hurt others. 

I believe that even the almost impossible changing of people's heart is possible through Him.
Our God superintends over all life and is in full control of all he has created.

I do not know everything, but I know that we can always trust His heart.
Secret things belong to God. Only God knows.
No one knows His perfect plan.
No one can really fully understand and explain why God allows unpleasant things to happen, and who knows what makes Him intervene to preventing people. 
But I Trust God. I trust that He could change people's hearts.
If He doesnt, then He will make you stronger.

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