Excellence and Negligence

Let patience have its excellent work, that you may be accurate and complete, lacking nothing —James 1:4.

Many of us seem to be all right overall, but there are still some facets in our life where we are immature and careless. It is not just a matter of sin, but the remnants of your physical life that tend to make you distracted. 

Negligence is an insult to the Holy Spirit. 

We should have no negligence about us either in the way we praise God or even in the way we feed and imbibe.

Not only does your relationship with God must be well, but also the outward expression that love must be established. 

Ultimately, God will accept nothing to escape. 
Every phase of our lives is under His examination. 
God will bring you back in countless ways to the same thing over and again. 

And He never gets tired of bringing us back to that one thing until we learn the lesson, because His goal is to create the perfect output. 

It may be a dilemma flowing from your fleshly nature, but also and again, with the most frequent determination, God has brought us back to that one particular aspect. 

Or the problem may be our vain and wandering thoughts, or our free nature and selfishness. 

Through this procedure, God is seeking to instill upon us the one matter that is not quite correct in our lives.

The revealed truth of God’s saving and our hearts are perfect toward Him. 
And His brilliant work in us makes us realize that overall we are honest with Him. 

Let patience have its perfect work.

So let it grow for when your patience is completely developed, you will be complete, needing nothing - James 1:4.

Beware of becoming indifferent over the little details of life and assuming that it will have to do for now. Whatever it may be, God will reveal it out with persistence until we become His fully.

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