Jesus implored for Peter that his faith would not neglect. He asked him to strengthen other disciples when he has returned - Luke 21:32.

Satan has asked to sift all believers as wheat.

I thank God for never failing to remind me that He is withal in control, and His presence inside me is greater than the one who is in the universe - 1 John 4:4.

Sieving brings glory to God. Job praised God, even when everything was unfortunate, despite his wife asking him to give up on God. Sifting probes weaknesses, revealing where we are self-sufficient. A light rapid sift will make us rely on God.

In allowing us to be sifted, God removes all the diversion and things that could cripple us from fulfilling our purpose. Jesus did not panic instead told Peter that he will survive the winnowing. He will return humbled, but stronger, with the purpose of strengthening his brothers. It is after we overcome that we will be a servant who leads.

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