What is a Spiritual Mother

What is a Spiritual Mother?

  1. A spiritual mother will see spiritual daughters for who they are and will be a champion of their hearts.
  2. A spiritual mother will give her spiritual daughters an inheritance and a legacy—a spiritual DNA.
  3. A spiritual mother is generous in giving her time to her spiritual daughters, and will be with them through life’s storms.
  4. A spiritual mother will demonstrate her spiritual daughters how to live life glorifying God, with kingdom minded heart.
  5. A spiritual mother will not give herself the title of a spiritual mother. The title will be given by her spiritual daughters if she becomes one.
  6. A spiritual mother will prove her faithfulness over time, regardless of the faithlessness of a spiritual daughter.
  7. A spiritual mother is consistent, unlike many earthly mothers who have abused their daughters.
  8. A spiritual mother will qualify herself, by showing up in the life of a spiritual daughter over time in a deeply invested and personal way.

Outstanding characteristics of fake spiritual mother

  1. She takes out her anguish on the nearest person to her.
  2. She automatically reacts without listening and following the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  3. She holds resentment, makes extreme judgment and is full of bitterness.
  4. She blames others for what her life is reaping.
  5. She undermines her own authority by her own dishonoring behavior.
  6. She repeats many of the sins of her mother. 
  7. She controls, dominates, competes and pout. 
  8. She undermines women, even her own husband. 
  9. She manipulates to get her own agenda.
  10. She is too busy to spend quality time.
  11. She will cut you off if you disappoint her.
  12. She will avoid correcting or overreact in angry condemnation and correction.
  13. She will hold your failures over your head.
  14. She will avoid and hide from accountability.
  15. She wants to keep you dependent to her.
  16. She attends worship services, but seldom worships.
  17. She is threatened by another’s success.
  18. She threatens to expose, attack or hurt you.
  19. She will not admit her own weaknesses.
  20. She feels bothered and put off by your presence or interruptions.

Outstanding characteristics of a genuine spiritual mother

  1. She submits her fleshly reactions to the cross. 
  2. She quickly forgives others. 
  3. She goes to the Lord for directions to get over her childhood wounds.
  4. She takes responsibility for her own sins. 
  5. She honors and respect authority.
  6. She is flexible and open to find out the leading of the Holy Spirit. 
  7. She believes the best in others. 
  8. She seeks to be in agreement with her husband. 
  9. She finds time to help others and want nothing in return. 
  10. She wants to bless you before you leave her presence. She prays continually for you.
  11. She is not afraid to correct in a loving manner those under her care.
  12. She has a heart to restore the bruised and brokenhearted.
  13. She will teach you to depend on the Lord.
  14. She truly worships.
  15. She is happy when you succeed even more than she has.
  16. She is sensitive and kind in all her relationships.
  17. She is a terrific listener.
  18. She hears the voice of the Lord and seeks to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, at all times.
  19. She teaches truth from God’s Word.

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