How to Avoid the Greatest Fall

How to Avoid Disqualification

From the greatest benefit, can inflict the greatest fall.

Privilege never guarantees success.

Privileges claim responsibility.
Never get privileges for granted.

Privileges must be seen and used in view of Church Goals and Priorities.

A privilege is never an end in itself.

When life becomes wrapped up in the privileges and the blessings of God, rather than in God, we miss the sheer joy of the end.

We cut into the empty pursuit of the details of life which will never give us happiness. This disqualifies us.
  1. Always be careful to observe all factors and possible consequences.
  2. Pay attention to our walk.
  3. Keep our eyes on the Lord.
  4. Use our blessings in Christ for godly living.
Doing these will enhance our ability to manage temptation and avoid unfitness.

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