Personal Relationship

What does being a Christian mean to you ?

To some it is having the right doctrine – a matter that you believe,
To others it is having the correct ethic – a matter of doing good works.

To some it is a matter of doctrine
– to others it is a matter of duty,
To some it is fulfilling of both requirements – believing and doing.

Some emphasize that
Faith without Works is dead – so BELIEVE,
Others stress that Works without Faith is dead – so DO,

Faith and works are the opposite sides of the same coin,

Both are SO important and YET without a third Element – both are fruitless.
For Christianity has it’s own three-fold cord,
Christianity has its own glue, that cements both faith and works together..

Faith alone – is an impersonal, dead understanding of being a Christian,
Works alone – is also an impersonal, dead understanding of being a Christian,
Faith and works together – is an impersonal, dead, fruitless view…..

You see, being a Christian is a matter of relationship with a Person – the Lord Jesus Christ,
Unless faith and works have HIS Life in-breathed into them – they are of little worth.
Without a personal relationship with Christ – faith and works both rely on ME,
Without a PERSONAL relationship – you have IMPERSONAL view of Christianity

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