Thank you Czar for this great travelling gadget- the happypod!!!

Great for taking happy moments with friends and family, without anyone being left out.

Mrs Asia USA
With my Beautiful Sisters: Mrs Asia USA April Denise Belcher and Kristina Lauren. 

The Happypod selfie stick is the 1st branded Arm extender for taking selfie group /solo shots! It now has its own Bluetooth clicker so that you can take your selfies in just one click of the stick 

Happy Pod Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Clicker

TRIPLE PURPOSE for camera phones, Digicams,and extra pod for a tripod. 
FITS: iphones/itouch5, s3, s4, and samsung notes/mega.

Extends Upto 4feet long , made of stainless steel, weighs .18kg. 

For more info, instagram: happypod_czar

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