How to Thrive in the China Import and Export Fair

It is my first time in China and I am soooo blessed to take this trip with the geniuses of Digital Retailers Association.

A Trip to the Canton Fair | China Import and Export Fair

Thank you to my generous bosses who has blessed me with this wonderful experience ❤️

Thank God for having my China Visa approved just a few days before this trip! ❤️😊

Here are some of the Tips that I've got for you from my One Night in China...

  1. Book through the Hotel Travel Service
    1. You don’t want to deal with the swindlers.
    2. Go directly with the hotel transport service - much more convenient.
    3. Don't get into a random car because you don't know what the pricing is. It might change.
    4. If you do take taxi services, make sure you’ve got a printout of the Hotel in Mandarin with the map.
    5. Make sure you have cash as they only take cash and not credit cards.

  1. Communication
China has a firewall and regular texts might not work.

    1. Download Wechat
      1. Best way to communicate with your vendors.

    1. Sign up on VPN
      1. Gmail and FB are blocked in China.
      2. Best VPS for me is Xpress VPN.

    1. Get Viber
      1. Basically behaves like a telephone call.
  1. Passport
    1. Take a photo of your passport, just in case of emergency.
  2. Sanitary
    1. Hand Sanitizer
    2. Tissue
  3. Uber in China
    1. DD Xu Ching
  4. Badges
  5. Clothing
    1. Wear comfortable shoes.
      1. There would be a lot of walking. Trying on new shoes would not be the
    2. Dress professionally.
      1. Wear comfortable khakis or light pants. Look like a buyer that buys a lot.
  6. Business Cards
    1. Have a different email for Import.

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