What is a Good Day?

What for me is a good day?

Is it the time I served?
Are these the times that I have avoided doing things that displease God?

Is it when I have faithfully done my duties? 
Or have been a faithful steward?

The best days of my life are everyday.
These are the days that I realize that each day is a gift from God.

My joyous days are the days that I am fully aware that each day is a grace...

A life that I do not deserve and can never ever earn on my own...
A love that I am generously bestowed, though I am never deserving...

My life is not my own
Everything is His goodness and grace...

Every breath that I take is a gift of God... To be able to walk is his grace...
To taste a food is a blessing... and each time it gets digested without flaw a gift...

It is everyday that I am fully aware of His wonderful Love for me. 

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